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A special Thank You to the Kaufman County Clerks office for letting us highlight their office on our site!

Kaufman County, Courthouse

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"Courthouse Research"  Scary thought isn't it? Most of the time when you hear this word it conjures up thoughts of courtrooms, lawyers, divorce, probates, and of course, taxes! However, the good news is, it has a whole new meaning to genealogists! This place is a gold mine of recorded facts of the past!

Now, you must keep in mind that each county courthouse is a little different and so are their records. However, for the most part, each has marriage, birth, death, probate and military records . The best part is that they have deeds! That's right, deeds! Deeds hold all kinds of information. You can find wills, affidavits, family members and land records. You will even find court cases, oil/gas and mineral contracts and probates are all in the deeds department. Each one of these can be very important to your research.

Now, you're probably thinking, “Courthouses? No way, I’m not going in there!” Well, let me tell you how easy it really is!

First, you locate the county in which you lost track of the person you have been searching for. Then, you go to the courthouse and find the county clerk's office. It usually is on the first floor. All that I have visited have vault doors, except Grimes County, Texas, where they have them housed in portable buildings!

There will be a sign on the outside of the door that says "County Clerk’s Office". You walk though the door, go up to the counter and say, “I need to see the deeds”. They will point you in the direction of the records. Now, if you can just walk in and see the deeds room off to the side or though a swinging door or a side room, just walk on in. If someone stops you and asks if they can help you, just say, "I need to see the deed records" and keep on walking. Go back to the top for links to different types of files.

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