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Texas Ancestors Mission

The most important mission of all is for everyone to learn the truth about their past. We want to teach you where to find the stories to write about your ancestors before they are lost forever. Learn to turn the stories you've heard into facts. Turn names into people, stories, and histories, and write books or e-books about your families. But do it with the true facts, not what you've heard or read out of someone else's book. If you don't do it, who will?

We want to help all researchers, genealogists, and every day people, understand how very important our past records are. And teach them to research in court houses, libraries, and land offices. We offer with visual aids how to research in courthouse record rooms, Land Offices, and the libraries with the aid of our web site.

We need everyone to know how important our public records are and if we don't help save them, they could be lost forever. So we do link to official sites of donations

As we go though court houses, we will find documents where some things will not match up with what other people have written about Texas history.  If we decide to show these documents that show Texas history as it really happened, or what really transpired we do so at our transgression.

Texas Ancestors will provide the truth, along with the corresponding documents, on our website.